Saturday December 2nd

Jeff Schober

local author of mystery novels:

Chased By Thunder

Broken and Profane, Boneshaker and


 Non-Fiction local Murder Mystery Bike Path Rapist

Chased By Thunder:

"We think our father murdered our mother," a woman tells police. Twenty-eight years earlier, young housewife Donna Burgard was stabbed to death. No killer was captured, although her husband was the prime suspect. Now, as the victim's grown children request a fresh investigation, Detective Mark Bennett is plunged into murky shadows of the past. Can the truth still be uncovered? The Bennett family is dealing with its own challenges. While Mark navigates a new marriage, his mother is lost in dementia. Memories swirl as she talks knowingly about unfamiliar names and events. Younger brother Bobby-a Buffalo patrolman- feels the job and his wife pulling him in separate directions. Within these chasms, secrets stretch back for decades... Deftly weaving between 1984 and 1956, Chased By Thunder is a fast-paced story that may be read as a stand-alone novel. It is the final book in a four-story arc that includes Broken and Profane, Boneshaker, and Faces and Fingertips.

Broken and Profane:

Buffalo, New York, in the fall of 1980: a white supremacist embarks on a killing spree, targeting black people... one every day. His first murder- from City Hall's balcony twenty-eight stories high- becomes his signature. The case is assigned to Mark Bennett, a new detective whose father was a police legend. Ken Connell, the department's star investigator, is angry to learn he is passed over. Bennett owns a pedigree, but lacks experience solving homicides. Bennett grapples with secrets: conversations with his dead father and a burgeoning affair he must keep quiet, because Allison is separating from a husband who doesn't want her to leave: Ken Connell. Bobby Bennett, Mark's younger brother, is a rookie patrolman learning the job. His partner is George Pope, a veteran street cop who once paired with Bennett's father. Pope is wise but crusty, determined to mentor a stubborn young man, no matter how much resistance he faces. For several days, victims keep coming. Against a backdrop of crooked cops, drug dealers, prostitutes, transvestites, tension mounts as the net narrows on the killer while Connell learns the truth about his wife's affair. These events converge in a darkened basement with two cops, a killer and three guns trained in different directions. Rich in characterization, Broken and Profane is crime fiction that resonates with authenticity, a taut thriller portraying the underbelly of life and the men who are entrusted with keeping society's order.

Jeff Schober is the author of the true crime book Bike Path Rapist with Det. Dennis Delano and the novel Undercurrent.

Abbey’s Search for Sanctuary: Book One of Destiny--Choice or Chance Trilogy                                                              

Psychiatric nurse, Abbey, shelters her younger sister after she divorces her Muslim husband who has agreed to his mother’s plan to perform a circumcision on their daughter, Jenny. When her sister is murdered by her ex-husband in a so called ‘honor killing, Abbey knows she must find a way to keep Jenny safe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Once a Peshmerga fighter and medic with the Kurdish forces in Iraq, Rami now works as a psychiatrist in Buffalo, NY and devotes his spare time to helping refugees. Shunned by his grandfather and family for failing to demand retribution when his arranged marriage failed, Rami avoids emotional attachments. That is, until he meets Abbey.

Warning Abbey that honor killings are often family affairs and that she and Jenny are in danger, Rami offers her a way out: an annullable marriage of convenience and refuge in Kurdistan, his homeland.

Abbey is committed to doing anything to protect Jenny but can she risk going back to the world of her childhood: a world of headscarves and submission, a world that scarred her mother and killed her sister, a world she’d already escaped once?

Saturday November 18th  1pm-3pm

Jan Hess & Eris Field

Enjoy exquisite Fall weather with "MURDER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD" as a crazed serial killer roams the small town with a breath- stealing ending on Halloween night.

Spring, with fragrant locus blossoms perfuming the town, in "MURDER IN THE JUNKYARD," finds Detective Fowler searching for the killer of a man despised by almost everyone in town. Back street corruption is exposed.

Summer is ripe with the enticing and delicious chicken bar-b-ques, one on almost every weekend. An ancient feud is solved and a beast roams the night,MURDER ON BLAKE HILL, the one with two legs is the most dangerous followed by a wedding and a new romance. Detective Kevin Fowler and friends are on the job keeping their typical American small town safe for the citizens of Hubbard, NY.

Janis Lane is a long-time resident of East Aurora, NY. She spends her time between working in beautiful flowers at a nursery owned by her son, Mark Hess, @ Peppermint Farms, and gazing out her window at beautiful sights while she conjures up new and fun exciting cozy mysteries. A pen name, Emma Lane, finds her mixing her heroines with dashing heroes in period romances during the Regency era. will find her on-line.Type your paragraph here.


Ethan Pierce is just another IT Tech Support Rep at Wyatt Industries until he's zapped and infused with enough electricity that should kill him. But electrocution has given Ethan terrifying abilities that no man has ever had.

As he grapples with his strange new powers, he and his girlfriend Emma witness a drive-by shooting in the city of Olympia. They soon learn it was related to the Martelli crime family that run the city and don't like to leave loose ends.

Fearful of the threat of the family, Ethan and Emma try to lay low but it's no use. When Emma is attacked, Ethan uses his lightning abilities  to become Fuse, Olympia's "Man In Black".

Fueled by vengeance and empowered by his new abilities, Ethan Vows to find the man who attacked Emma and get justice. But will his powers be strong enough to save her?

A Christmas Reunion: A Novella:

I'll be home for Christmas.....

Tracy Slater may be a successful pop star, but fame and fortune isn't everything she thought it'd be. Under the thumb of a husband who is growing steadily more abusive , she's decided her marriage is over. She just needs to make it through one more trip home for the holidays with him before she's free.

If only in my dreams...

Stephen Austin worked hard to become the successful novelist he always wanted to be. So why isn't he happy? And why does he feel so lonely? Then he runs into his old girlfriend, the one he though he had lost forever.

Tormented by the mistakes of their past, Stephen sees his reunion with Tracy as a second chance. But does she feel the same way?

Saturday December 2nd 1pm-3pm

Lissa Redmond

local author and contributor to:

Frozen Fairy Tales

Winter is not coming. Winter is here. As unique and beautifully formed as a snowflake, each of these fifteen stories spins a brand new tale or offers a fresh take on an old favorite like Jack Frost, The Snow Queen, or The Frog King. From a drafty castle to a blustery Japanese village, from a snow-packed road to the cozy hearth of a farmhouse, from an empty coffee house in Buffalo, New York, to a cold night outside a university library, these stories fully explore the perils and possibilities of the snow, wind, ice, and bone-chilling cold that traditional fairy tale characters seldom encounter. In the bleak midwinter, heed the irresistible call of fairy tales. Just open these pages, snuggle down, and wait for an icy blast of fantasy to carry you away. With all new stories of love, adventure, sorrow, and triumph by Tina Anton, Amanda Bergloff, Gavin Bradley, L.A. Christensen, Steven Grimm, Christina Ruth Johnson, Rowan Lindstrom, Alison McBain, Aimee Ogden, J. Patrick Pazdziora, Lissa Redmond, Anna Salonen, Lissa Sloan, Charity Tahmaseb, and David Turnbull to help you dream through the cold days and nights of this most dreaded season.

Buffalo Noir

Park's introduction, in effect a true-crime case study, is as gripping as any of the 13 stories set in or around Buffalo, N.Y., in this strong Akashic noir volume, whose contributors include several mystery heavyweights. Lawrence Block's arresting "The Ehrengraf Settlement" brings his dapper, devious lawyer, the Perry Mason-like Martin Ehrengraf, into a case reminiscent of George Zimmerman's killing of Trayvon Martin. Joyce Carol Oates's "Valentine" is a remarkably tense and atmospheric study in emotion and relationships. S.J. Rozan's "Parkside" is a throat-clutching modern version of the conte cruel. But the greatest surprise is "Falling on Ice" by Lissa Marie Redmond, a Buffalo police detective who specializes in cold-case investigations. Redmond mixes character, emotion, and formal detection into an irresistible amalgam. Among the lesser- known authors, Dmitri Anastasopoulos's police procedural, "The Bubble Man of Allentown," stands out. Those curious about the criminal side of the second-biggest city in New York will be rewarded.


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David Neth

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